Langoustine The Box

Dedicated to providing very fresh shellfish to the local community


Langoustine The Box shortens the time between a catch landing and delivery to your door.  

Working only with local boats, the business ensures fishermen will get a better price by supplying local consumers with their catch, rather than wholesaling it through seafood processors.  

Due to the unknown nature of the sea and weather, orders are only taken for the following week.  This also allows the langoustines to be delivered quickly in insulated boxes on ice direct to your door, instead of having them frozen or sitting in oxygenated seawater tanks.

Langoustine the Box is run by Clement, a 33-year old Frenchman, who came to the East Neuk with his Scottish wife.  After working with the Fishermen’s Mutual Association (FMA) in Pittenweem, he realised that there was significant demand for locally sourced shellfish amongst Fife consumers and set out to reconnect people to the plentiful local supply.

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