Mara Seaweed

Hand harvested seaweed from the shores and coastline of the East Neuk. 


Mara hand-harvest seaweed seasonally and sustainably honouring ancient traditions, from the shore and coastline of the East Neuk.  They harvest on the foreshore but also in sections up to 10 miles out into the sea bed.

They carry out in-depth environmental monitoring as part of their licensing, including that of the sea bird population.  On harvesting the seaweed, it is then dried out in barrels within 6-12 hours, which arrests the decaying process and locks in nutrients.  Each batch is milled and stringently tested for a variety of criteria such as food safety, pollutants and nutritional profile.  Each batch is fully traceable.  

Co-founded by Fiona Houston and Xa Milne in 2003, their mission is to reintroduce seaweed into our diets and to nourish body and soul by harnessing goodness from the sea.  They are committed to pioneering seaweed expertise, from harvesting and processing techniques to raising awareness of the benefits of eating seaweed.

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