Minick at Bowhouse

Minick of St Andrews is a traditional butcher, with five locations in Northeast Fife, and now with a sixth at Bowhouse.


The business was established more than more than 30 years ago by a father and son team, who come from a long line of family butchers.  They ensure they are supplying the very best locally sourced, Scottish meat by visiting the farms in person and handpicking the best livestock before butchering the animal on their own premises in the traditional way.  

They are renowned not only for the quality of their meat, but also for their service, so if you visit Bowhouse on a market day, you will be able to talk to the highly-trained butchers and get advice and information about all of their produce and its sources.  As well as walking away with a World Champion Scotch Pie, a gold medal they won in 2017.

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