Bowhouse replaces a missing link in the local food chain.

It connects small growers and producers with restaurants and shoppers, giving everyone better access to the best ingredients and finished produce that the East Neuk has to offer.

There are a few reasons why the scale of the producer should be linked to the quality of the food and drink they produce. The very best producers are rarely the largest – the skill and passion of the producer is far more important.

A Stronger Local Supply Chain

By encouraging a shorter, local supply chain to flourish, as a community we will be able to retain more of the highly-coveted raw ingredients yielded in the East Neuk here for us, rather than losing out to bigger urban or overseas markets.

Bowhouse Market

Increasingly people are looking to eat with the seasons and question the provenance of the ingredients that they are buying. They want to know how their food is grown and reared and to meet the people making it. They want to buy what they need and then eat every bit of it. In these small ways individuals are feeling empowered to change the way food is produced around them.

For People Who Really Care About Food

At its heart, Bowhouse is a gathering place for people who really care about food. We look forward to welcoming you there soon.

Connecting with local growers and producers

Bowhouse is part of the Balcaskie Estate, located in the heart of the East Neuk, between Elie and St Monans. The East Neuk is the name given to the land running around the Eastern peninsula of Fife. It is made up of a string of ancient fishing villages and harbours and the adjacent farmland.

Historically, the main industry was fishing, and although this has dwindled and disappeared from most of the harbours, the area is still renowned for the quality of its fish and seafood, in particular for its shellfish.

The East Neuk produces some of the finest raw ingredients from the land: malting barley, finished beef and lamb, wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes, broccoli, soft fruits, wild roe deer and other game.

Remarkably, most of this produce leaves the East Neuk harbours and farms, destined for processing and selling in the central belt and further afield, before it can reach local homes and restaurants.

We want to disrupt this current pattern by making it easier for local people to connect directly with local growers, producers and ingredients, while retaining more of this amazing food on our doorsteps.


“I was struck when talking to one local chef who said, though he was very keen to use local ingredients, he ended up sourcing his vegetables from the Glasgow veg markets or even from Holland, because, despite seeing the vegetables growing in Fife’s fields all around his restaurant, there was no way to connect the field to his business. Bowhouse is intended to be part of the answer to this challenge.”

Toby Anstruther